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Commercial Business Loans

Why restrict your diet when you can enjoy a feast? Our borrowing facilities are designed to bring you a high level of satisfaction with your banking transactions and interactions.


Merchant Invoice Discounting Facility

The Merchant Invoice Discounting Facility is designed to assist businesses (suppliers/ contractors) to meet their short term working capital needs. It allows businesses to access money due to them from their outstanding invoices to improve the cash flow of the business.

  • Provides working capital to support cash flow while awaiting payment from debtors.
  • Access to funds to pay employees salary, suppliers and meet general expenses
  • Quick access to funds to support fast and timely execution of the contract
  • Short-term facility not exceeding 120 days
  • No tangible collateral required
  • Competitively priced facility rate

Merchant Local Purchase Order

Our LPO financing is tailored to assist businesses that have obtained purchase orders to deliver goods and services or executive contracts awarded to them. The LPO financing is available to reputable contractors and vendors to obtain funds required to execute work orders and local purchase orders, to ensure continuity of their operations.

  • Provides working capital to execute contracts
  • Faster/Timely disbursement to ensure deadlines are met.
  • No tangible collateral required
  • Competitively priced facility rate

Merchant Mediloan

The Merchant MediLoan is exclusively tailored to provide loans to registered health facilities and related businesses operating within the health sector in Ghana, along with technical assistance throughout the entire loan cycle.

  • Provides access to working capital to support operations
  • Competitive loan rates
  • Flexible financing arrangement for the purchase of medical equipment
  • Must have at least 1-year operating experience in the health sector
  • Loan tenure ranges from 1-60 months

Merchant NHIS Discounting

The Merchant NHIS Discounting facility assists accredited health care businesses to access advance payment on pending claims from the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) for services rendered. It is a short-term credit facility available to active health care institutions operating in Ghana

  • Advance payment up to 70% of pending claims from NHIS
  • Access to funds to support to Working capital injection
  • Flexible repayment term to facility upgrades and transportation investments
  • Competitive interest rates on the facility
  • Available to only accredited healthcare institutions operating in the country
  • Tangible collateral required for facility amounts above $5,000.