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Personal loan packages

Why restrict your diet when you can enjoy a feast? Our borrowing facilities are designed to bring you a high level of satisfaction with your banking transactions and interactions.


Salary Backed Loan

Our Salary Backed Loan is designed to support employees of profiled (selected) organizations to meet their short to medium term financial needs. It offers a simple loan process, flexible repayment plan and competitive loan rates.

We know you have lifestyle aspirations and that sometimes you need the right financing to realise your goals. Our Unsecured Personal Loans are flexible, short- to medium-term loans tailored to meet your personal financing needs such as buying household or electronic appliances, education expenses, home improvements, car maintenance, rent advance and other personal expenses.

Employer Managed Personal Loan

Many employees ask their employers for a loan when faced with emergencies and financial difficulties. Asking an employer may seem to be a good idea for employees, as the employer may offer more favorable terms than a bank and will be able to line up repayment dates with paycheck dates. However, there are pros and cons to lending employees money that should be considered before going forward with loans.

The Employer Managed Personal Loan is a medium-term facility designed for salaried employees working in organizations listed under our approved Employer Managed Salaried Programme. It offers enhanced benefits, repayment plan and lower rates.


Auto Loan

Get your dream car with our Personal Auto Loan facility tailor-made for you. This is a medium-term facility available to salaried employees of organizations under Merchant Bank’s Employer Managed Relationship. Simply apply for a Personal Auto Loan and enjoy a flexible repayment plan at competitive rates.

Buying a dream car can be both tedious and complicated. Because vehicle ownership is paramount to the daily activities of our clients, we assist our valued clients with the needed funds to realize this lifestyle dream. CalBank Auto Loan is a credit facility designed for our clients to purchase any vehicle of choice.

Our Auto Loan facility can be accessed by Individual, Professionals, consultants and salaried workers with recognized institutions to acquire a vehicle for personal/company use.

Fast and Easy Loan

Why use your future savings or investment now when you can access a Fast and Easy loan, and pay back over 12 months period at the lowest net interest rate. The Merchant Fast and Easy loan is a short-term facility designed to give existing and new bank customers access to easy and quick loans in less than 24 hrs at a low REAL interest rate of 10% p.a.